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Paul Nevitt is the only speaker technician at NeviSonics. Unlike other companies, you won't have to worry about the reconing trainee learning on your prized speakers. We have helpers in some of the administrative aspects of the company, but Paul's the one when it comes to repairs.


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Phone: 502-969-0140

The best time to reach us is by calling our number Monday - Thursday between 3:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. EST

Or, e-mail us.

About Our Hours
Due to the high demand for our services and off-site service work, our working hours are by appointment. If you get the machine, please realize that we might be here but involved with other customers (perhaps in a quite loud speaker demonstration).

The best time to reach us is Monday-Thursday afternoons between 3 and 6 PM EST. Please leave a message with both a day and evening phone number. If you're out of town, we will return your call at our expense. Please leave your name, a day and evening phone number, and the details about the service you need.

Speaker Repair
We have designed this site to inform the average home stereo listener about loudspeakers. This subject probably isn't thought about much by the casual listener and on the other hand, is probably the first topic to be brought up by an audiophile. Regardless of how much you may have spent on your amplifier or CD player, the vital electroacoustic link between the electronics and your ears are your speakers. Ask anyone in the know and they will tell you that speakers are the most important piece of any stereo setup. This is where you should spend the most of your budgeted money and shopping time. You don't need to have golden ears or a degree in electronics to make a good choice. Pick out the ones that sound best to you and you'll be happy. Our philosophy is that the more you know about speakers, the more informed a decision you can make about buying them and if they should ever need repair, what to do in that case. Even if you think you know a lot about speakers you will want to read this page. If you think that wattage and magnet size are the defining parameters of how a woofer will sound, you couldn't be more wrong and owe it to yourself to find out why.

Why repair?
Our philosophy is that when you originally bought your speakers, you went to a number of different stores and listened to everything that they had in your budgeted price range. After some hours (or days) you decided on the "perfect speaker" in your opinion. Now, after many years of faithful service, your old friends don't sound so good and important decisions need to be made again. You have three options:

   1. To scrap what you have and buy a new pair of speakers.
   2. To buy exact brand and model replacements for the damaged parts (if available).
   3. Have the damaged components repaired.

The first option would be the most expensive and the third is usually the least expensive. Before you learn more about we do, lets first look at how speakers are designed.

After learning how speakers are designed, you should now understand why general replacement drivers are a very bad idea and how, in most cases, will degrade the quality of sound. Upgrades are beyond the scope of this page and are best left to the original designers of the speaker. In light of the above discussions, you can see the number of different factors that can influence the sound of your speakers. Now that you know about box tuning, efficiency, and crossovers, it should now be obvious to you that you have two choices if you have a damaged woofer. One is to shell out the "big bucks" for an exact replacement (if still available) or to have the woofer repaired.

There are two types of repairs we offer for damaged woofers. If the woofer doesn't make any sound or if it is locked up or scratchy when you push in on the cone, then the speaker needs a complete rebuild or what is commonly referred to as a recone. This is usually done because of a damaged voice coil and rarely because of the state of the cone. Once parts are bonded together, the seal is permanent --- you just can't replace a blown coil.

If the outer surround on the woofer is made from foam rubber, it will eventually dry rot due to age and other environmental factors (usually 10-15 years). This will happen regardless of whether the woofer has been played loudly or never played at all. In most cases, the speaker can be brought back to original specifications by having a foam edge replacement that usually costs much less than a recone or an exact replacement.

For brevity in explaining our services, we have concentrated this page mainly on home stereo speakers. We also repair professional drivers for PA systems, recording studios, musical instrument (guitar, bass, organ) and certain brands of car stereo speakers.

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