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Rotted Woofer Foam Edge Replacement

A common problem that happens to the most careful of audiophiles is that the foam edge (outer suspension or ring) of most speakers will dry rot. The technical name for this part is an annulus. About ninety percent of all home stereo speakers use this material as a suspension. New “high tech” woofers with polypropylene cones and butyl rubber edges will not suffer these problems but could develop others. This dry rot problem is caused by age and certain other environmental factors and has nothing to do with your kids “jamming” too loud or the movers that you think might have broken them in transit.


Speakers that have never been used and have been in storage for 20 years will develop this same problem.


This is the most common problem that I see with stereo woofers and can be remedied by replacing the foam edge. Even those of you just browsing this page should take the “pinch test” if your speakers are older than eight years. Place your thumb and forefinger on the foam bump of your speaker and give it a small tug. If it is intact, you are safe but please repeat this test every six months. If the foam comes off in your hand, please drop us a line for repairs.


Both of your speakers were manufactured at roughly the same time and will rot at the same rate. Many people call me and initially tell me that only one speaker has a problem. They think I'm The Amazing Kreskin when I tell them about their other woofer. Customers eventually bring the other woofer in for repair, as the difference is so obvious. As an incentive, I offer a reduced rate if both speakers are brought in for repair at the same time. You wouldn't believe how much time this saves.


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