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Reconing (Full rebuilds)

The term "reconing" describes a process in which not only the cone of the driver is replaced but all of the moving parts except for the metal frame and magnet structure. It's kind of like having a new engine put into your car except it is much less dependent on other factors. In the case of your car, the chassis may have suffered abuse and rust --- not to mention the other systems that the engine is connected to. The speaker frame is protected by the cabinet. Unless the driver has been dropped, it can be reconed.

This process is not like the standard "retread" on a car tire but is the same process in which a brand new speaker is built. I have visited the largest speaker manufacturing plant in the world (Eminence Speaker in Eminence, KY.) and have observed the entire manufacturing process (from stamping the frames to sealing the shipping cartons). They glue the parts into the frames much in the same way that I do. RECONES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS A NEW SPEAKER IN ALL RESPECTS but usually cost on the order of 60% as much! My recones carry a warranty of one year parts and labor versus the standard ninety day warranty on a replacement driver. By the way, the engineers at Eminence refer customers to NeviSonics for repairs.

Unlike Eminence, I am not a manufacturer and do not use an assembly line type process. I can devote as much time to the repair of your speaker as needed. Each step in my reconing process is allowed to dry separately (some steps take as long as 24 hours) before going on to the next step. No hot melt or quick fix glues are used here. All electrical connections are hand soldered.

It is the pride and dedication to my work that has landed me many prestigious clients including a long term contract with a major Nashville recording studio. The engineers at Warner Chappell Music (part of the Warner Chappell Publishing and Warner Brothers group) rotate their speakers regularly and send them to me for reconing. They don't do this because the speakers are blown, but because their golden ears can hear slight differences in box tuning due to the aging of the speaker parts. In a business like this where cost is no object, they could send these speakers anywhere for repair (including the factory) but have chosen to retain NeviSonics. The top Nashville acoustician, Steve Duerr, then retunes the cabinets to the room after every repair.

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