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About NeviSonics


We are a small business located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA (home of the Kentucky Derby) and are solely devoted to loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems. Although we could sell new speaker systems and cheap general replacement drivers, we choose to stay out of the retail part of this industry and concentrate our efforts solely on the repair of existing systems.


In doing this, we can concentrate solely on problems and their immediate solutions. For instance, if you brought in a broken BOSE speaker, we wouldn't try to convince you that it is junk and not worth the cost of repair just to try to sell you a new JBL system (or vice versa). Since we don't do retail we can stay out of the mistruths and name calling in the business.


We have been in business continuously since August of 1989 thus making us the oldest multi-brand reconing facility in the Kentuckiana area.


Services Offered

Besides speaker repairs, we also offer the following services:


Computerized analysis of ALL speaker parameters (Thiele-Small and Electromechanical).

Actual speakers can vary by as much as twenty percent or more from published specs. Once I've measured the speaker, I can then import the data to a cabinet design program and create the perfect box to complement the driver --- down to the cubic inch. Due to the variances between drivers, I can create a driver/box combination that is coupled more closely than ANY commercially available product. Please read our page on the importance of box tuning if you haven't already.


We can also design, repair, and tune up Public Address (PA) systems with real time spectrum analysis. Churches and nightclubs are no problem and we have over twenty years of experience as a sound engineer --- studio and live sound reinforcement.


Full production services are available for rent. Sound, lights, and live recording are all possible as a turnkey operation. From BIG to small, all you have to do is call and I'll do all the rest.



If you own an electronics repair shop or some related business (stereo/TV sales, musical instrument repair, sound reinforcement company, car stereo installation...) please call me about becoming a wholesale dealer for our services. Unlike other companies, we don't install car stereos, fix VCR's, or soup up guitar amps, so there is no threat of us stealing your customers. Speakers are our only business.



Contact Us

Phone: 502-969-0140

The best time to reach us is by calling our number Monday - Thursday between 3:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. EST

Or, e-mail us.

About Our Hours
Due to the high demand for our services and off-site service work, our working hours are by appointment. If you get the machine, please realize that we might be here but involved with other customers (perhaps in a quite loud speaker demonstration).

The best time to reach us is Monday-Thursday afternoons between 3 and 6 PM EST. Please leave a message with both a day and evening phone number. If you're out of town, we will return your call at our expense. Please leave your name, a day and evening phone number, and the details about the service you need.

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